Bespoke Packages

Our zintec steel planters are guaranteed against frost and sun damage and can be powder coated in any colour to suit the decor of your home. Once we have agreed the planting and design, it takes 3-4 weeks for the planters to be manufactured. Providing there is easy access, we deliver to you pre-planted to avoid any mess. We will choose a suitable planting design to suit the aspect and altitude of your outside space.

Balcony in a Box

We have trialled and tested many different planters made from a variety of materials. For this package we use those made in the Netherlands by Elho, they have internal water reservoirs and rollers which make them easy to move around your outdoor space. They come in 2 styles, round and trough and 4 elegant colours: anthracite, warm grey, white and bric. We include a coir block for planting and your choice of plants.


Windowboxes & Terraces

Many urban homes have window-ledges or small terraces which can become a beautiful addition to the style of your home, with the right design and planting. We can advise you on colours, safety railings, baskets and brackets and then create a seasonal planting design. If you have access to mains water we can also install irrigation to ensure your plants are sufficiently watered throughout the year.

Maintenance Packages

Depending on your requirements, we can offer regular visits to ensure that your plants are looking at their best all year round. We would usually suggest a 3-monthly schedule when we will visit and maintain your plants, cleaning up after summer and preparing for spring, as well as adding in new seasonal plants and bulbs to give you that extra splash of colour all year round.

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